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Qin Liang said with a happily smile。

“Why i don’t want to talk to you so much?right now。”
Ling Mofeng said blankly。
“do not,These girls at home don’t want to talk to me anymore,Finally you came today,If you are the same as them,Then I won’t be a lonely person?”
Qin Liang probably thinks these few words he said are quite humorous,After talking, I laughed happily,It turned out that after laughing,Except myself,So many people didn’t even smile……
“I have a hasty……Why don’t you guys laugh?”
Qin Liang actually asked everyone with a cheeky。
“We didn’t think it was funny,Because you are telling the truth。”
No one speaks,In the end, Yang Shiyun, who was still straight, spoke up。
Qin Liang stopped talking,This face was beaten again,How to talk。
“All right,You guys help me think,What else should I buy tomorrow?Everyone uses their brains。”
At this time, Shen Ruoxi came back with paper and pen to ask everyone,He helped Qin Liang solve the problem,Find a step down。To say that Qin Liang’s luck is really good,Every time he encounters such an embarrassing occasion,Someone will always appear in time, intentionally or unintentionally,Help him resolve the embarrassment and embarrassment。This is probably a very special favor from God。
“Do you have a change of clothes??She always takes a bath……”
Liu Xiaoyun is still fast,Even so“fine”Where she can think of!