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Qin Liang pretended to be very excited,Said, looking around。

A few guys saw that Qin Liang really wanted to make these two chicks!I got excited immediately……
“Handsome guy,You wait,I’ll get some good things for you!”
One of the thin guys turned happily and ran to the back,Finally took a few pieces of jade wrapped in silk,Show it graciously to Qin Liang。
Qin Liang picked up these seemingly valuable jade,Put in hand,took a look,Weighed!Touched!Smiled secretly in my heart……
“Ha ha,These goods are ashamed to be good!It seems you are taking us wrong!”
Qin Liang secretly counted。
“how about it?Are you satisfied?”
Dude asked diligently。
Qin Liang is concerned about antiques,Also knowledgeable,For him after all,Know everything,So what an antique,Jade these things,He has some research,Can be considered an expert,So once he got these pieces of jade,After a little try, I know these jade pieces are fake!On the floor10Something you can get for a dollar……
But Qin Liang didn’t make a move,And pretended to be excited。
“Wow,Good jade good jade!Crystal clear,Warm and rustic!It must be an old jade from Myanmar!”
Qin Liang pretended to say。
I heard Qin Liang say that,The buddies are happy!What are these jade goods,They are naturally clear in their hearts!What old Burmese jade,These are all fake jade made by myself!I didn’t expect this person to understand,Looks like he can be killed severely!
“Haha,Handsome guy,You really have a vision!These pieces are old Burmese jade!It’s our top quality,Only a piece of jade10,Buy one get one free!Just right now!You buy a piece of Kodama,These two beauties can be one for each!What are you waiting for!Bought it quickly,For beauty,I said tonight that you might not be able to open the house!”
A guy said to Qin Liang with a look you know。
“It seems to be really!Well!Do you have any better things?I want to buy it for them!”
Qin Liang pretended to suddenly realize,With a lewd smile on his face,A look“What you said is what I think”Said like……
“You want better?”