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Guan Yao sees his brother won’t get out of the car,Going to the country,He just said:“It’s too late today,And we have to get up early to go to the hospital tomorrow,Let’s go to the countryside another day,If you don’t stay here overnight,Just go to my company。”

Guan Hao think about it,Got out of the car,When they took the elevator to the floor where the house was,Guan Hao actually became lighter,I thought this house was decorated for their wedding,He actually has a strong sense of belonging,Take a big step forward。
When I saw my brother’s obviously loose clothes in Guanyao behind,He almost had the urge to cry。This period of brother is an internal and external trouble,Suffering both mentally and physically,It’s strange if you don’t lose weight?
He couldn’t help but pray secretly in his heart,Pray for Xiaoxia to come back soon,Live in this new house with brother。
I have to say that Zhou Yue is a design genius。
This is a duplex structure house,Although Xia Jihan tried to hide his influence on the house,But the decoration here is fully in line with the owner’s wishes,And it will show the owner’s interest。
Although Xia Jihan did not participate in the decoration design too much,But the style of this house fits her aesthetic perfectly,simple、simple、natural。All the furniture is solid wood and paint-free,Gives a feeling of being close to nature。
On the plain white wall of the living room on the first floor,On one side is a log hanging screen that has not been painted,On the other side is a traditional shadow puppet figure frame。
The division of the area still uses the traditional wooden flower screen that Xia Jihan likes as partition.。A bedroom on the first floor was converted into a children’s room,Looking at the colorful children’s room,Guan Hao has mixed feelings。
Brother Guan Yao saw his brother’s sadness,So busy leading him upstairs,Upstairs bedroom、study,The layout of the living room is still based on elegance,It’s just that all the furniture has rounded corners,This may be for the safety of children in the future。
I saw the pink bedding in the bedroom,Guan Hao’s heart surged with warmth,But this warmth was quickly replaced by the sadness that followed。This is her favorite color,Although she is not there,But she is like a shadow。
Guan Hao hides his emotions,Deliberately said to Guan Yao easily:“Not bad,Thank you Zhou Yue for me,She is indeed a genius,Mix and match genius。”
This night,Guan Hao slept in the new house without a bride,On the big bed with Guanjia characteristics,Bathed in the warm pink of the room,He slept surprisingly at ease。The misery and fatigue over a period of time,Finally relaxed in this new house。
the next day,Guan Yao, who was sleeping in the bedroom downstairs, got up early,He came to the door of the bedroom upstairs several times,I want to wake my brother and I can’t bear it。
in Shanghai,Brother hardly slept the whole night,After returning, he went into disaster relief work,I must not sleep well,You can tell from his face,But today I came to this new home I never lived in,He sleeps very sweetly,And there is a faint snoring sound,No matter what, let him sleep well today。
In the Beijing Chinese Medicine Clinic,After Dr. Wang Wei gave Guan Hao the pulse,Stared at him for a while and said:“You should pay attention to your mood,Pay attention to rest,Depressed and sad,Heartbroken。Not too tired,Not too melancholy,This will affect your entire digestive system。”
Guan Hao nodded,Show approval。Waiting for the medicine,Guan Yao said:“brother,You wait here,Let me see if there is a car refrigerator nearby。”