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[How long can summer porridge be kept]_Summer_Save time

[How long can summer porridge be kept]_Summer_Save time

The weather is very hot in summer, and the rate of food decay will increase due to the high temperature. Therefore, there will be no food left in the summer. Even if you ca n’t eat it, it will be put in the refrigerator and will not let foodExcessive storage.

Porridge is a food that people like very much in summer, mainly because people like to eat some light in summer. How can summer porridge be more crystalline?

First, how long can summer food be stored? Follow the 2-4 hour rule.

The cooked food should not be stored at room temperature for more than 2 hours. It should be eaten as soon as possible or stored refrigerated. If the cooked food is stored at room temperature for more than 4 hours, it is recommended that it be fully heated or directly stirred before consumption.

2. Remember the food preservation time.

Rice foods should be stored in a cool place with a shelf life of about 1 week?
3 months, rhizomes such as sweet potatoes should be stored in a cool place or a refrigerator; fish and meat should be properly packed and placed in the refrigerator or frozen, the fish meat should be refrigerated for 1?
2 days, freezing time is 1?
2 months, eggs cleaned and refrigerated for 15 days, soy products are stored like dried tofu for about 3 days, and traditional tofu is refrigerated for about 5 days?
7 days, boxed tofu refrigerated for about 30?
45 days.
3. It is generally advisable to place whole uncooked raw rice in a cool place at room temperature. The remaining honey after opening can be refrigerated. DIY cooked soups such as mung beans, red beans, barley, love jade or fairy grass, and soy milkKeep in the refrigerator for about 2-3 days.

4, fruits and vegetables is 3?
5 days, green leafy vegetables refrigerated for 5 days; dairy products refrigerated 5?
10 days edible residue; oils and fats should be stored in a dry and cool place. It is recommended to mark the day of opening after opening. Used oils should be stored separately and not poured into new oils to keep the oils fresh.

Second, what to pay attention to in summer food preservation 1, to avoid cross-contamination of raw and cooked food.

Refrigerated food should put cooked food on the top layer and raw food on the lower layer, distorting cross-contamination.

2. Maintain a good sanitary environment.

Bacteria can contaminate food, whether it is in the storage environment or in the hands, and it can be passed from raw food to cooked food.

3. The food refrigerated and frozen environment should be kept clean and regularly cleaned. Wash hands thoroughly before conditioning food, wear gloves and masks, and avoid contamination of food or ingredients due to droplets, dirty hands or wounds, affecting food.Preservation and risk of food poisoning.