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Even Yun Feiyan, who has been shooting arrows from a distance, ran over and shot Wang as a dart at close range.。

Just as Xu Xuxu looked at Yun Feiyan very confused,A green light suddenly appeared on Wang Dang,The blood value began to drop from the top of the head,It turned out to be Tangmen Poison Dart。
Tang Sect disciples are actuallyBOSSHas a considerable advantage in battle,Can fly kites far away,Can giveBOSSUp state,A batch of!
Xu Xuxu pinch,It is estimated that Wang Dang will soon regain his mobility,Greeted the two of them,Put away the sword,A shot at Wang Dang’s forehead calmly‘Palm Cannon’!
The three calmly left Wang Dang’s body within three feet,Waiting for the first wave of counterattack after Wang Dang is out of control。
Unexpectedly, after Kunyue Beiming’s time is over,Wang Dangyi did not break out of internal strength,Two did not stand up to resist,On the contrary, he collapsed weakly on the ground,Like a dead dog。
Xu Xuxu pulled Du Jueming,You just put thisBOSSSucked up?Why he doesn’t move anymore?
Du Jueming is also wondering,That others don’t know,Is he still not clear?
Based on the gap between him and Wang Dang,It’s not enough to suck Wang Dang’s internal strength away.,Why is this Wang Dang motionless??
Du Jueming cautiously walked to Wang Dang’s side,Stretched his legs to test Wang Dang’s life and death。
Wang Dang seemed to wake up all at once,Instantly got up and stood in front of Du Jueming’s eyes。
Kneel to Du Jueming immediately!under!Up!
Shocked all five people。
“Young man save me!”
First38chapter、Death is born
When Wang Dang plops, he kneels down to Du Jueming,And yelled for his life,This wave of mystery operations is true, and Du Jueming is confused。
“Is not,What do you want?”
Du Jueming spoke with hesitation,He refused to talk to Wang Dang in his heart,What to do in case of infection...
“Young man,Are you Beiming’s divine art??You must be a descendant of Xiaoyao, right?!”
Wang Dangdi crosses the flow,Crying。