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Yin Nan raised his head again,Said:“You are not like a man!Originally a very courageous and responsible person,Why hide your edge,Make yourself so humble?”

He stared at Yin Nan,Asked rhetorically:“humble?”
Yin Nan seems to see the anger in his eyes,Just added one more sentence,:“Maybe you call this Qian Rang。”
Peng Changyi doesn’t care about her anymore,First of all,Does she look like a man?,Again,She doesn’t understand what Qian Rang is,I don’t need to explain these things to a girl movie。On the officialdom of China,Modest,It is not only a state of cooperation,Is an important way to win,But humility is not an escape,Not compromise,But to retreat,Overcome strength with softness,Essentially,It is also a strategy,If used properly and smartly,It will make people not aware of the strategy,Tend to achieve greater results。For Peng Changyi,Not only to be modest,Still need humility,These ones,Yin Nan doesn’t understand,Maybe Xu Deqiang doesn’t understand。
Seeing that Yi Nan couldn’t move him or anger him at all,Disappointment,Said:“Actually you should thank me。”
Peng Changyi did not speak up,Just treat her as talking to herself,It’s not appropriate to leave the lady midway,Otherwise he would have left。
“You should thank me for saving you,Ye Mei was not at ease with you,You have to be careful,It might be a sugar-coated cannonball shot at you。”
First89chapter Into the new era
Peng Changyi startled,Still pretending not to understand her。
Yi Nan saw that her words didn’t work,Just ask:“Money can’t move you,Maybe female sex will play a role,You should be careful。”
With a turn,Yi Nan’s towering chest touched his chest again,Wipe away。There is such a strange feeling in Peng Changyi’s heart。He couldn’t help but looked down at her,There is nothing strange on her face,It may also be that I am too worried,Even though Yi Nan is not a messy master,But obviously she doesn’t have the coquettish and slutty Yemei,Can’t help but look down at her。
Yin Nan is tall but not thin,Natural,The young body exudes dizzying heat,natural,Honest。There are many young girls here,There are also charming girls like Heiyun and Yemei,But none of her“true”s things,Maybe because she is too“true”,Peng Changyi didn’t dare to touch her。
Ge Zhaoguo hugged the girl,Dance in front of them,He smiled at Peng Changyi and nodded,Continue to jump around,When Peng Changyi found out that he came to them,,Deliberately hold the girl in his arms tightly,Chest and chest almost close together,Looking at Wu Youfu and Ye Mei,Also like this,It seems that he and Yin Nan are restrained and nervous。