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[Can green beans be eaten during lactation]_Breastfeeding_Can I eat

[Can green beans be eaten during lactation]_Breastfeeding_Can I eat

Green peas are a good vegetable, because they can be fried, they can also be mixed with green beans, and they can be squeezed into some green bean juice, which is also a good cosmetic effect for women.

But green beans are not something everyone can eat, because some of the substances contained in green beans will start to affect the body. Breastfeeding women pay special attention to their diet, so can breastfeeding women eat green beans?

Consumption of protein, vitamins, traces and other nutrients in green beans with caution can invigorate qi and body, prevent constipation, and promote milk secretion, but excessive consumption can easily cause abdominal distension and indigestion.

Green beans are a good thing, because they can make a lot of delicious reservations and also help to add a lot of nutrition, so green beans are popular with many families!

But green beans are not what you want to eat. Although its nutritional value is superb, it does not mean that everyone can eat freely.

Want to know that some people can’t eat green beans, then read it carefully.

The highest, menopausal women, people with diabetes and cardiovascular disease are best suited to green beans.

In addition, if you are a white-collar worker who works overtime all day long, and has to perform ultra-high pressure mental labor every day, then it is very useful to eat fried green beans. Weight loss is also very suitable for eating green beans. Green beans also have weight loss effects. Accordingly,There are also some people who are not suitable to eat green beans, and in some cases severe liver disease, peptic ulcer, arteriosclerosis, kidney disease, gout, low iodine and other triggers are not suitable for eating green beans.

If you happen to be some type of person, then stop eating green beans.

There are several things you can’t eat during lactation: 1. Stimulating and spicy food: Some mothers have always been spicy and happy, but for babies, they should also pay attention to light diet.

Onions, garlic, and other spicy foods can enter the baby’s body from breast milk, causing diarrhea or flatulence, and affecting the baby’s health.

Because these foods are absorbed by the mother’s digestive system, they will change the taste and acidity of the milk.

Therefore, mothers still try to eat less or not.

Of course, eating a small amount of condiments, such as pepper, sour vinegar, etc., is still possible.

2, a lot of high food: try not to eat greasy, fried or sweet foods, such as fried potato chips, sugar and cake.

Because these foods usually contain high water, but lack nutrition, they can only provide short-term energy, which has a great impact on milk quality.

In addition, fried foods are difficult to digest. For mothers who have just given birth, their digestion is weak, and eating them is not good for health.

3, foods containing caffeine or theobromine: coffee, chocolate, etc. are all foods that affect your baby’s health.

Because coffee contains caffeine and chocolate contains theobromine, these ingredients can penetrate into breast milk and accumulate in the baby’s manifestation.

Caffeine and theobromine can damage the nervous system and heart, cause muscle relaxation, increase urine output, make your baby indigested, and sleep unstable.

In addition, mothers eat more chocolate will affect appetite, and drink more coffee will affect sleep.

4, preserved food: salted fish, meat food, the average adult daily salt content is 4.

5-9 grams, according to usual habits, do not avoid salt, do not eat too salty.

If the mother eats too much salt, it will increase the burden on the kidneys, which will be harmful to the kidneys and increase blood pressure.

5. Excessive monosodium glutamate: eating monosodium glutamate has a serious impact on the development of babies, especially for babies under 12 weeks of age, which will cause the baby’s mental retardation, growth retardation and other adverse consequences. It is best not to eat monosodium glutamate during breastfeeding.Gluttonous like to eat MSG.

6. Drugs and alcohol: After the drugs and alcohol enter the bloodstream, they can enter the baby through milk.

Therefore, pay attention to the contraindications of medicines and avoid drinking.

7, cold or iced fruits: things that can not be eaten during breastfeeding include cold or iced fruits.

I believe that mothers are aware of this reason. After giving birth, the mother’s body is suddenly weak. If you eat these fruits, you will hurt the mother’s spleen and stomach and affect appetite.