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[How long can you plan to have an abdomen?]

[How long can you plan to have an abdomen?]

Women in modern society carry out more abdomen.

Many women think that as long as the child is kept for a certain period of time, the husband and wife can have the same room.

In fact, this view is still wrong. If the postpartum lochia lasts for a short period of time, it will still endanger women’s physical health. At this time, it is not allowed to intercourse.

But how long can it be done in the same room?

As for how long the abdomen can be delivered in the same room, if the woman is in a normal labor, it is generally at this time that the confinement period, that is, forty-two days in the puerperium, within this time, if it belongs to the uterusIt can be done during the endometrial repair period. After the puerperium, if the mother’s body is normal, the husband and wife can share the same room.

Specific to how long after the caesarean section can be intersexed, medical research suggests that it is best to intersex after 3 months after the caesarean section, because the caesarean section has surgical wounds, wounds naturally take more time to recover, the same room must be done after the caesarean section wounds.
Caesarean section should not be in the same room for 2 months, and it is generally 10 weeks to resume ovulation, and you may be pregnant, and some may not be pregnant during menstruation. In addition, you should avoid contact with cold water and cold feet, and avoid spicy food.Avoid tub baths and heavy physical labor, otherwise gynecological inflammation and uterine prolapse are prone to occur.

Also pay attention to rest and eat high-quality protein foods.

It is very particular about how long the abdomen can be shared in the same room. We should not think that we can share the room after the operation is completed. In fact, this is a big mistake.

It is recommended that we be able to do this in our daily lives, do not share the same room after the postpartum birth, and take care of it for a while.