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“Off the battlefield,Because I haven’t seen those brothers,So he is not too sad,Finally saw them today,That’s why he showed his inner pain and self-blame。”

Yanzi patiently explained to Shen Ruoxue。
“Ugh……Know the boss for so long,I saw him cry for the first time,He must be extremely sad。”
Liu Xiaoyun sighed and said。
“and so,Koyuki,Xiaoyun,You two must remember:On the war zone,As the commander of a force,No matter how many people you lead,Hundreds of people,When you do strategic layout,Must not forget,While winning,Also responsible for the lives of your comrades in arms!”
Yanzi taught her two little sisters very seriously。
“Got it,Sister。”
Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun agreed in unison……
A few days later,The memorial service for the six dead soldiers was grandly held in the Martyrs Cemetery in Haishang City,All the high-ranking officers of the base and many special forces who returned to the base after completing their missions all came to the memorial service,Many leaders of the Haishang Military Region and the heads of higher-level departments all came to the memorial service.。
Qin Liang took Yang Zhi and the others,And all the soldiers of the Rose Legion led by the swallows,Fully armed appeared in front of everyone,And as a relative and friend of Shen Ruoxi,Murong Shan,Chen Hao,Yang Shiyun also attended the memorial service together。
When bidding farewell to the body,Qin Liang for the first time,In front of everyone,Long kneeling before the remains of six brothers,Crying,So sad。
All the girls are infected by the sad scene before them,Everyone cried so much,Sobbing。
The general seems to be ten years old suddenly,Standing haggardly in front of the remains of his subordinates,Staring at them for a long time,Not say a word。
When the ceremony is held to the end,When all the special forces are going to shoot their comrades on the road,Qin Liang lifted,It’s a portable machine gun……
The deafening gunfire began to echo over the Martyrs Cemetery,A large group of pigeons hovering in the sky,Was scared to fly,There was no trace in an instant。
The memorial service is over for a long time,The crowd began to disperse slowly,Qin Liang still kneels in front of the monument to his six brothers,Reluctant to leave。
It’s useless to persuade Shen Ruoxi and others,In the end, I had to stay with him until late at night……
Many days after the memorial service,The Shen family has been quiet,Everyone deliberately whispered when talking,No one is joking anymore。Qin Liang,He stayed in his own bedroom almost every day,Can’t even go downstairs。