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Entering the door with a fragrant rose,Sister Sheng Jia is facing me。Today’s Shengjia sister is still charming,Big wavy hair curls are a new hairstyle,Looking at Fang Yourong who is holding a big handful of roses,Grin:“mom,Fang family daughter is here。”

“Oh,You Rong is here,come on in。”
What an intimate greeting,What a gentle hospitality,What a kind smile,Fang Yourong quietly stretched his elbow and turned Sheng Zegang beside him,He guessed it right,Nothing to do,There must be nothing good。
Being gentle by your mother、Sheng Zegang, who was stimulated by the kind smile, slowly covered his lips:“on,and me。”
Welcome to the kindly welcome Sheng Zegang’s mother,Offering a fragrant rose sincerely,He doesn’t expect Sheng Zegang to help,He should act on his own。
Received flowers,Sheng Zegang’s mother showed a happy smile。Few women don’t like delicate flowers,Besides, these flowers were given by a handsome guy。Coupled with a series of auspicious words blurted out to make the atmosphere more festive,There is a harmonious and warm atmosphere inside and outside the house,Tonight will have a great time。
Enter the restaurant at the invitation of Grace’s aunt。A Western-style sumptuous dinner has been set up in the restaurant。Under the dining light,The shiny tableware is neatly arranged。This scale,This style is much more upscale than a high-end restaurant,These exquisite tableware even elementary school students can know that they are all high-end goods。
Put the received flowers into a beautiful vase,At the empty end of the table。The hostess of the Sheng family is very elegant,Shengjia sister is also charming,Sheng Zegang……Still pretending,Sheng San with his napkin is a bit like a thinker,but,Nobody cares about him,Today’s focus is Fang Yourong。
“Tolerant,Come,Taste auntie’s craft。”
Fang Yourong, who was kindly greeted by him, was a little airy,This is a special dinner for him?Looking at the exquisite meal,Fang Yourong, who has been dealing with it carefully, is flattered,At the same time, I can’t help but quietly pay attention to the empty space at the other end of the table。This is the third time he has come to Shengjia,Never saw the male host of this house,Does Sheng Zegang have no fathers??Curious,Don’t ask me this,Don’t commit any taboos。
The long western dining table does not have the feeling of Chinese people chatting at the big round table。All are decent and maintain Western elegance,Sheng San, who had no energy from the beginning, put his head down holding a napkin,Sheng Zegang and Sheng’s sister looked at their mother and they knew each other,Bright red wine poured into a crystal glass,Raise the crystal glass,The hostess of the Shengjia elegantly suggested:“To the beginning of the new year。”