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“This is not something you are worried about,correct,What i told you just now,Don’t tell mom。”Jiang Fan asked。

Peng Changyi did not have the ups and downs like Jiang Fan during this period,But I feel very uncomfortable。something,He always feels too much interference from above。such as,The government bidding for the land。
Originally he planned to postpone it until the end of the year,But Mayor Yue passed by Kangzhou last time,Talking about this land,After listening to Peng Changyi’s plan,He frowned,Said:“Don’t delay anything,Try to rush forward。Years later,The activities of building an ecologically civilized village in rural areas should be fully expanded,Kangzhou is a model city and county,When the time comes, how can you still think about other things?。”
Obviously,Yue Xiao hopes that the land will settle as soon as possible。
I planned not to arrange other things before,Have a relaxing Spring Festival。Doesn’t seem to work。then,In the past few days, they started planning the tender。
Standing Committee,Zhu Guoqing opposed Peng Changyi’s proposal of public bidding,Advocating local bidding in Kangzhou,The reason is that the fertile water does not flow out of the field,unexpectedly,His suggestion was supported by half of the Standing Committee members。
Peng Changyi had to grow a heart,There was no final resolution on this matter at the Standing Committee,Come down and hold a special meeting to study。
After the meeting,Peng Changyi didn’t stay in the office,He asked Old Gu to send him to the minister’s house,Because Wenwen told him,Wang Yuan came back two days ago。
He didn’t go to Minister’s house yesterday,He doesn’t want to interrupt their family reunion time,in fact,He knew Wang Yuan would be released early before the Spring Festival。
He knocks,Minister’s voice came:“Who?”
Peng Changyi responded loudly:“I,Changyi。”
Peng Changyi waited outside the door for a long time,Only then did I hear Minister’s footsteps and the sound of walking sticks hitting the ground。During the work in the Organization Department,Peng Changyi arrives early every time he goes to work,He is already familiar with Minister’s footsteps,I remember he once taught Ding Yi how to distinguish Minister、Footsteps of Secretary Fan and Jiang Fan,Said the minister is short,The step is small,urge、Calm、Confident and powerful。But now,The sound of the minister walking with crutches,He sounds so harsh,strange,Came to this home before,The Minister rarely opens the door,hardly,It seems,He is the only one in this family today。
Door opened,Minister on crutches,Stand inside。