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“What class are you in?Your work this afternoon,Is to report the progress of your work to the president。”

Qin Liang decisively exercised his right to act as president。
“Ha ha……Are you phony for personal gain??”
Liu Rushi didn’t insist on leaving,But he teased Qin Liang。
“who said it?I am both public and private。”
Qin Liang does anything,Are able to find a good-sounding reason for themselves。
“So which part of the work do you want to hear from me?”
Liu Rushi smiled and said,At the same time move your hands gently,I want to take my hand out of Qin Liang’s,When a female employee reports to her boss,I’m going to be caught by the boss and report。
“I want to hear you report on your private life。”
Qin Liang said seriously。
“Why?Do you want to invade the privacy of employees?”
Liu Rushi is introverted,But witty words can still be said,And without Liu Xiaoyun,,Her IQ is still very high。
“Are there any boys chasing you during this time??”
Qin Liang didn’t answer Liu Rushi’s words,Ask for yourself。
Liu Rushi endured a laugh,Shook his head and said。
“Really not?You are so beautiful?No one pursues you?”
Qin Liang deliberately asked again。
“Really not。”