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Guan Zhengfang pointed his head。

Although I have been mentally prepared,Yang Xue is still dumbfounded。Although the specific situation is not known yet,But one thing she knew,The head is the human command system,It’s not a trivial matter if something happens there。
Guan Zhengfang stabilized his emotions,Pointing to the deposit slip and passbook on the table and said:“This one,How much do you have?Take time to get together,For Xiaohao,Estimated to use a lot。”He is still picking up what the baby can’t understand。
Yang Xue nodded,She wanted to ask clearly、clear and direct,Persevering baby is in front,She dare not ask too much detail。
At this moment,Baby came over the table,Reach out,Pinch the bank card on the table,Said:“Mother also has。”
Guan Zhengfang can no longer hold back his tears,Signal Yang Xue to take the baby out。
Yang Xue’s tears are also lingering in her eyes,She picked up the baby and walked out of the study,Sitting on the sofa in the living room,Hug the baby tightly,Tears couldn’t stop streaming down。
After Guan Hao drove out,,See there is no suspicious person at the gate,After walking for a while, I didn’t find any tracker behind,Drove into the bustling Chang’an Avenue,Drive with traffic,Blindly。
He came to the North Fifth Ring Road involuntarily,Going out of town,Where did he go?Ducheng??Still Jinan?He smiled bitterly,Saw it。May remove the call of friendship later,He has nothing to do with people and things in this direction anymore。
At this moment,His phone rang,The baby’s immature voice sounds:“father,Mom woke up,Call you back for dinner。”
He smiled,Said:“Ok,Dad just go back。”Slow down immediately,Off the side road,Drive towards home。He took a long breath,He knows that he is responsible now,There can be no slack。
When we are almost at the door,He received a call from Guan Yao,Guan Yao said:“Lord Guan,Don’t you go out after eating?”
Guan Hao smiled,Said:“stay home,Are you alright?”