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Yanzi is more depressed than Yang Shiyun,She only said a word and was directly by Qin LiangOUTLost。

I met such a person with a face that is more than a wall,The girls have nothing to do,The only Liu Xiaoyun who can win by surprise,The rhythm of putting yourself completely out of the way。
“Leave them alone,Let’s keep talking about our。”
Shen Ruoxue didn’t care about being caught by the four men“monitor”The process of chatting with the three girls,In her opinion,No one is outsider anyway,It does not matter。
It’s just that she forgot one thing……She and Liu Xiaoyun had come to chat with Qin Liang,The result is now a chat with the four girls,The scene Qin Liang listened to。
Actually, Qin Liang didn’t want to talk,It’s because they can’t even talk!When the girls concentrate on chatting,Will automatically ignore everything around you。
Chat continues,But this time Yang Shiyun will deliberately say a few words to Qin Liang and others from time to time,She is a very sensible girl,So she didn’t want to leave them in the cold。
Qin Liang deliberately when Liu Xiaoyun was speaking,Took the initiative to pick her up several times,But Liu Xiaoyun doesn’t appreciate it,Still ignore him,This made Qin Shengsheng depressed,But helpless……Who made him deliberately angry with Liu Xiaoyun just now?。
Time flies,A few hours passed in a blink of an eye,The girls started yawning one by one……
“how?All sleepy?Go back to sleep when you are sleepy。”
Qin Liang said happily,Liu Xiaoyun kept ignoring him,He lost interest,After all, if you keep hot face and cold ass,No one can be happy。
“Why?This is going to blow us away?”
Yang Shiyun asked deliberately,When she talks to Qin Liang,Has no scruples,Not like the past,When she used to have other people,When talking to Qin Liang, you are very careful。“Nowhere……Aren’t you all sleepy?I wish you wouldn’t leave,Just sleep in the same room with me,Hey Hey……”
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