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Ding Yi said:“We are to accompany the leader,And Mr. Lang,He takes us,He told me just now,Let me wait for him in the office,Leave after get off work。”

Jiang Fan said:“do not worry,Your director will definitely not just take you this beauty,and so,They won’t be cold unless you go。”
“how do you know,It’s true,He also notified two other hostesses。”Ding Yi said。
“Ha ha。”Jiang Fan was not ashamed to say“Leaders are like this”This sentence,But to say:“Ask for leave with you,I’ll pick you up after get off work。”
“I’m sorry,And Minister Cai and Secretary Yin are familiar with Teacher Lin,They all voted for me,Minister Cai was once a student of my father。”Ding felt embarrassed in one breath。
“Then it’s better to decline,Only those who have a good relationship will not be better than you。Moreover,You are not going,They won’t be lonely tonight,Will have more fun。of course,Unless you like。”Jiang Fan said deliberately。
really,Ding Yi said:“I don’t like such occasions,I just think there is no reason to decline。”
Jiang Fan said:“Just say you have something suddenly,Also you are single,No one will ask you too much about your personal affairs。correct,Makes you so angry that you forgot to say the most important thing。Bring that handwritten book,Minister Fan wants to see it。”
“Minister Fan?”Ding Yi asked in a low voice。
“How did he know?”
“He also listened to others,Call me this afternoon,Let me find you this book,He wants to see。”
“Oh,Then you can bring it to him,I don’t need to go。”Ding Yi is still dealing with。
“Of course you have to go,Are you going to bind your other book??”
“but,It’s almost off work now,Can you make it?”
“Too late,You put down the entertainment tonight,Then i will pick you up,Go get the book,Let’s go right away。”
“Can you come back that night??”
Jiang Fan thought for a while,Said:“baby,Is it still a problem not to come back??”
Ding Yi felt that he was asking a little bit。
Jiang Fan said:“That’s it,Minister Fan will have time before ten tomorrow,If I get up early tomorrow,Must be slippery,Too hurry,That’s why I decided to rush to the provincial capital the first night。Why rush to find you,That’s what I mean。”