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[How to pickle small red peppers]_Pickling method_Delicious practice

[How to pickle small red peppers]_Pickling method_Delicious practice

Small red pepper is also known as Chaotian pepper and millet spicy in some areas, it has a very high degree of spicy taste, even other peppers are incomparable.

However, people who like spicy food like to add some small red peppers when eating or eating noodles, and the effect of improving the taste of small red peppers is also very obvious.

And if you pickle the small red pepper, you can put it in the fish, so is there a way to pickle the small red pepper?

How to pick whole small red peppers When pickling whole small red peppers, you need to prepare fresh small red peppers, and then prepare the right amount of garlic and ginger, salt and rock sugar, and white wine.Be prepared in moderation.

The practice of pickling whole small red peppers Step 1. When picking whole small red peppers, you must choose the harder small red peppers, which are too soft.One centimeter will do.

2. Wash the whole small red pepper with water to remove the water, and dry it for later use.

Remove the outer skin of garlic, cut into garlic slices, remove the water from the ginger, and cut into ginger slices for later use.

3. Put the processed small red tip in a basin, add the sliced garlic and ginger slices, and then add the salt and sugar, and marinate after mixing. The marinating time should be about three days.

4. After three days, the small red bell peppers can be softened. At this time, you can take them out and put them into a sealable bottle, then pour in the white wine and mix thoroughly. Then, seal the bottle, and place it in a cool environment.Around the day, the whole small red pepper can be marinated, and you can eat it whenever you want. You must use clean, oil-free chopsticks when you eat, otherwise the pickled red pepper will easily deteriorate.