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Old Gu is not in a good mood to see the secretary,Just sit down,Waiting for the secretary to speak。

Peng Changyi said seriously:“What do you think of Xiao Chen??” The secretary asked himself this question so bluntly,This is the first time。Speak with conscience,Although he never inquires about the secretary’s private affairs,But more or less he also understands some secretaries,But occupational limitation,There are some things he will bring into the coffin and he won’t tell […]

Zhang Huai did not come,Jiang Fan made a decision at the meeting,Given that the current work is at a critical juncture and the condition of Deputy Mayor Zhang Huai,Decided to readjust the division of labor,The urban construction work is temporarily in charge of the deputy mayor Meng Ke,Make adjustments after Comrade Zhang Huai recovers。

When Zhang Huai saw this red-headed document, he really got sick,And was admitted to the hospital,You know that Zhang Huai’s main source of income is in this area,This heart-cutting pain truly defeated Zhang Huai。 Zhang Huai was admitted to the hospital,Peng Changyi after work this day,Talk to Shen Fang:“Let’s go to her grandma’s house。” Shen […]

Qin Liang replied smoothly。

“Drop you big head!Is not……I found out why you care so much about the business between me and Song Min?You are too romantic?I still watch too many TV shows about love?Except for chasing pretty girls and soaking up beautiful little sisters,Nothing else?” Ling Mofeng’s tangled question。 “Because I really want to see you two become […]


Shen Ruoxi nodded,Swallow’s knife skills are well known to everyone in the Shen family,So girls all want to learn her knife skills,And the swallow never hides private,As long as my sister wants her to teach,She can teach。And Yang Shiyun certainly wouldn’t mind her apprentice going to ask Yanzi for Kung Fu。 “The police can’t carry […]

When running out of the dense“Human jungle”Rear,He appeared in the eyes of everyone and took a step forward,Adjust the pace,Then jumped high,Air turn,Wave down。

With this set of actions,He spread his legs steadily on the turf in front of the corner flag area,Revealed his back number to the fans in the stands! He just landed,The players from Dongchuan Middle School rushed to surround him,Hug him,Rub his hair,Slap him on the shoulder and back…… “Ouch,Equalized so soon?!”Chu Yifan’s roommate in […]

“Who did you learn from?”

Murong Shan’s tangled question。 “self-taught,I realized。” Shen Ruoxi’s nonchalant answer。 “Can you comprehend something else in the future?” Murong Shan has something to say,She was referring to what Shen Ruoxi should understand is how to improve the relationship with Qin Liang,For example, occasionally go out to open a room or something…… “Limited qualifications,I can’t comprehend […]

The faint flow of aura between Yueer’s hands,Just need Xia Chenglong’s eyes,She can make the guy in front of her disappear from the world。

to be frank,Xia Chenglong is a little troublesome,For this guy who is stupid than a pig,Don’t know how to start,Too dirty。 “I can give you a chance,Apologize for what happened just now,By the way, follow the normal procedures to compensate for the act of colliding with my car,Otherwise don’t blame me for being polite。” Xia […]


Murong Xiaoyao’s surroundings instantly burst into laughter! “soy Mujer!What nonsense!What little fairy!Who did you learn this from!” Murong Shan asked awkwardly。 “I watch it on TV,Those guys will say when they see beautiful girls;You fascinated little fairy。” Murong Qiaoyao still replied confidently。 “Don’t say that anymore!This is not good!It’s what bad people say!” Murong Shan […]

And this time the sound of footsteps,Actually came to me!

Qin Liang and Shen Ruoxi looked at each other,Move quickly at the same time,Shen Ruoxi grabbed the pajamas that Qin Liang took off and threw aside,Just put on my naked body,Qin Liang sat up,Reached out and grabbed a book by the lamp,Open a few pages,Began to pretend to be reading…… “Old sister……I can not sleep,I […]


Qin Liang assigned a battle sequence。 “report;I asked to join the combat team!” Liu Xiaoyun raised his hand…… “No way!The support group is the second combat group,You and xiaoxue,Qiaoer,Xiner is the main force of the second group,So you can’t come to the first group。” Qin Liang immediately rejected Liu Xiaoyun’s request。 “……” Although Liu Xiaoyun […]