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But when I look at this place,At this moment,Ye Xuan itself,Actually, I didn’t feel any problems at all。

And subconsciously see here,At this moment,Ye Xuan felt the more he thought about it,These things are very interesting。 “All right,Actually start now,Don’t worry about it for now。” “But from the current situation,It’s just controlled。” Ye Xuan said,Seeing that there are almost 400 points left,Ye Xuan feels,Actually, we still have to speed up。 otherwise,Continue like this,To […]

“so now,Even if you have more skills,right now,It will be resolved!”

Ye Xuan waved his hand,Talking lightly to the clouds in front of me。 Only after Ye Xuan’s words were finished,For the moment,Ye Xuan is a step forward。 “Do not,Don’t……” Chu Jiang was still talking there,But obviously,It is completely unsupported。 Subsequently,Chu Jiang fell directly,Other Chu family members,See here,Is completely stunned。 After all such a thing,How to […]

Yang Shiyun couldn’t believe it!Since it’s an acting, I have to act enough。

“Scared,I’m scared of you!” Qin Liang nodded his head to admit his failure。 “Why do you still press me??” Yang Shiyun asked again。 “Dare not dare……” Qin Liang hurriedly let go,Then rolled down from Yang Shiyun。 After winning, Yang Shiyun feels better now,Because she won’t have to be afraid of Qin Liang anymore,but,Finished slap,How much […]

Beautiful face,Shen Ruoxue with a hot body,Immediately made these men’s eyes widened。

“let’s go。” Shen Ruoxue doesn’t want to pester these men,Hug Xiaoyu really turned and left。 “Don’t go,How nice to have fun together。” A man daringly stretched out his hand to pull Shen Ruoxue。 Shen Ruoxue who has already prepared,Turn your wrists and grab the man’s hand and move forward,Instant kick,Kicked him hard on his stomach,The […]

really,Xiaodie didn’t disappoint Qin Liang。

“Ok,I know,Don’t worry,You can see Miss Lin in a while,she’s fine,Not injured,Not violated。” Qin Liang finished these words,Hung up。 “how about it?She means?” Zhuang Hai asked quietly。 “Made a mistake,You have to pay。” Qin Liang said calmly。 “You have to do it yourself?Or our dealer brothers do it?” How smart is Zhuang Hai,He understood Qin […]

Du Jueming came forward,“You are the master of Shanhaizhai?”

The man glanced at Du Jueming coldly,“Not bad,Exactly under。” “Well,I ask you,Why do you frequently harass the Deaf Valley?” Du Jueming questioned the person in front of him with a straight face。 The man looked at Du Jueming interestingly,Open road:“What do i do to you?” “Humph,I am the Valley Master of the Deaf and Dumb,What […]

Questions to Qingliang,Several girls looked at each other,And shook their heads together,They really don’t know。

“Hua Yinyan。” Qin Liang suddenly called Yanzi’s name loudly。 “To。” Yanzi immediately answered loudly。 “Stand in the middle。” Qin Liang ordered。 Yanzi immediately walked to the middle of the little girls。 “right now,The four of you,Fed to your senior sister。” Qin Liang continued to give orders,The little girls hesitated,Immediately walked to Yanzi’s side,Standing scattered around […]

“give,50,000 per person,Hold the flower first,I’m done with it。”

Talking,Shen Chengxian handed the money to Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun respectively。 “Dad,I do not want……” Liu Xiaoyun immediately refused with embarrassment。 “Oops Xiaoyun,Give it to you,Boss Shen Da is wealthy,This little money is for him,Not called money at all。” Shen Ruoxue took the money directly for Liu Xiaoyun,And put it into Liu Xiaoyun’s hands。 […]