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Looking at the man in front of you,Zong Xueqin felt that she couldn’t see through each other more and more,It’s just that it’s impossible to escape now。

“Also ask Mr. Shen for help,after all……If my clan is over,What you want will be gone。”
“You are threatening me?”
The originally gentle man suddenly broke out of hostility,Put your arms on the arm of the chair,Staring into her eyes。
The two look at each other in an independent space,Zero-distance watching,Because I want to understand what the other person is thinking?
“Be it!”Zong Xueqin said calmly。
She must be because the other party has nothing to do。
really,White suit stand up straight again,Take out a bottle of perfume from your pocket and put it on the table。
“Haven’t you been very confident about your appearance?,It is your most powerful weapon。”
Disappear immediately after speaking,As if I have never been。
Zong Xueqin looked at the things on the table,Touched lightly,Smell good,I feel a little hot in my body。
Phoenix Mountain Villa,Since the establishment of the Zhao Group,Xia Chenglong asked everyone to move in,After reorganization, they are still the most luxurious places in Bencheng。
Zhao Shaojiu is not here,She will naturally be busy just after the company was established。
Of course Xia Chenglong will not be satisfied,The Zhao Group was established to force the forces of Bincheng to make choices,He didn’t want to wait to destroy the clan and set up a company,I don’t want to see those hypocritical vassals。
If you make a choice at this time,Then these people can become loyal partners of the Zhao family。
He succeeded,Then the next thing is the Zong family。
The thought of making my brother smile Jiuquan,What he thinks is worth it。
Black tiger walked in from outside,Looking at the king in thought,I don’t know if I should interrupt,But I still plan to say。
“king,There’s news from the Zong family。”Black Tiger sees Xia Chenglong not speaking,Continue to report:“Zong Xueqin wants to see you。”