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Peng Changyi looked behind,Those two east“Palace”Still pulling the curtains,The curtains have been opened in those two west rooms,He stayed with Minister not too late last night,It is said that the elderly should get up early,How come this old comrade still gets up?I’m not worried about sending my grandson to school?

Peng Changyi looked at his watch,Walk to the back row of houses,Old Gu and Zou Zijie continue to practice boxing。
Peng Changyi came and stopped under the minister’s eaves,He put his ear to the window and listened,Nothing happened,I walked into the two rooms to the west。Go in and have a look,The beds are already neatly made,The quilt is folded angularly,At first glance, it is the style of a soldier,Do not know why,I saw the lonely quilt on the bed,He suddenly thought of Lao Hu,Lao Hu’s bed is always so neat and tidy。
If Lao Hu is still alive,that would be nice,Fan Wenliang has old Hu’s loyal company,He will never be alone in his heart。Lao Hu has a different role from Wang Jiadong,They don’t feel different about getting along,Lao Hu is Fan Wenliang’s inner emotional partner,And Wang Jiadong is more a political and moral partner,Fan Wenliang’s Heart,It’s impossible for Wang Jiadong to walk in all,But Lao Hu is different,They have long been connected by blood。
people,No matter what level,Whether successful or not,The soul needs someone to accompany you,The person to accompany does not need to be high or low,As long as it’s a communion,Such a spiritual partner is not affected by good or bad,Unaffected by status,Not affected by rich or poor,Can mountain and flowing water,Can be coarse tea and light rice,Such friends will make people feel at ease,life,Will make sense。
Thought of here,Peng Changyi closed his eyes,Raise your head,Chant in my heart:Lao Hu,Okay you are there?
Peng Changyi’s two eye corners are moist……
Peng Changyi can have today,Benefited from Lao Hu’s relationship to a large extent,Even though he started to come into contact with Lao Hu, he has his own intentions,But his feelings for Lao Hu are sincere。
He shakes his head,Suppress one’s emotions,Out of the room,I want to go to the room where Jiang Fan lived\tGo see,His purpose is to see if the leaders have not organized the housekeeping,He helped to organize。But after a few steps he stopped,Don’t even look at the room Jiang Fan has stayed in,His quilts are not necessarily so angular,But it is guaranteed to be clean,Jiang Fan’s ability to take care of the house once affected Peng Changyi,Before he changed the clothes、Take the sheets home to wash,Now he has learned to do it himself。
walk out,He saw Fan Wenliang and Jiang Fan standing from a distance,Talking face to face,It’s inappropriate for him to pass,Can only move around in the yard,Wait for the minister to wake up。
After a while,He saw the curtains of Minister’s room opened,The windows are also opened for ventilation,Follow,I saw his hair smoothly combed、Walked out neatly with a walking stick。
I saw Peng Changyi outside the door,He smiled,Said:“Kid,Want to hear how i feel about here?”
Peng Changyi smiled,Said deliberately:“Don’t want to listen。”