+123 456 4444

“Hey——”She put the phone close to her ear。

“Where are you?”
Just connected to the phone,Guan Hao’s urgent question came。
“I am at work。”She is the only one in the hall,I can hear my heartbeat quietly。
“Come out in five minutes,I only have half an hour。Standing Committee will be opened soon。”The tone is always beyond doubt,just,It’s just that he seems to be in a bad mood this time。
After taking up,She put the charger in the drawer,Just go out,Just out,I found that Audi had stopped at the front door of the unit。
She was surprised,Xin said you were too careless,Fortunately, I’m off work now,Otherwise, my colleagues would have discovered。She walks a few steps,Got in the car,Sitting in the back seat。She dare not sit in the front row,That goal is too big。
The car rushed forward,After driving towards the national road ahead,Went straight to the outer ring,There are fewer cars on this road。
“Where do you live now?”He asked solemnly,Dissatisfaction in the tone。
It seems he already knows,He is so well informed!
“you,Know it?”She said carefully。
“People should get married tomorrow,Can i not know,You don’t tell me,Isn’t anyone in this world telling me?”
marry?She was shocked,I didn’t expect them to get married so soon。Soon she understood,Because Li Lisha is pregnant,There is a custom in Ducheng,Just don’t marry in the first lunar month。If you didn’t get married before,It is not suitable to marry a month after the year,This delay is more than a month,It must be Li Lisha’s stomach can’t wait。
“Lizard,I remember I told you last time,We are lovers and relatives,Is indivisible,Remember to tell me what happens,Did you forget it?”Guan Hao gave her a heavy look and said。
Yes,He said something like this,That’s what I said last time about Tian Ying’s punishment。She knows she is wrong,Stop talking。
Guan Hao with the car,Stopped before driving into an abandoned farm in the outer ring,Did not turn off,So that the temperature in the car will not drop。
“What are you going to do?”His hands on the steering wheel,Looking at the field under the shady,Still said in a deep tone。
“Haven’t thought,Big deal back to home in Jiangsu。”She said angrily,She was a little dissatisfied with his cold attitude。
Yes,She is very sensitive to Guan Hao’s attitude,Why didn’t tell him about the divorce,Because I don’t know if I should tell him,how to say,But one thing she is very clear,Just don’t let him mistakenly think that he has some kind of intention towards him。
If it is an ordinary friendship,There is no need to tell him,If not friends,No need to say,If he is just a familiar leader,Still no need to say,If it’s a lover,Can’t even say,Because the position of the lover is obvious,If I told him,It is inevitable that he will have psychological pressure,It’s possible that even friends won’t be able to be。